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Lydia was born in Texas and is fluent in both English and Spanish. Lydia came to Hawaii when she was 18 and attended Hawaii Pacific University where she earned a degree in business administration. Prior to entering real estate Lydia held prominent retail and managements positions including as an auditor and retail manager for the U.S. military overseeing $140 million in sales with over 200 employees, as well as, the V.P. and General Manager of a resort company, overseeing 11 retail stores throughout the Hawaiian Islands and managing commercial real estate on Lahaina’s famed Front St. Lydia is a respected leader in the Maui real estate community. She has worked with clients from all over the world throughout her 30+ years selling both commercial and residential real estate throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Lydia’s honesty and keen focus on details are just two of the reasons her past clients not only return to buy second and third homes, but also refer her to their colleagues and friends.

Lydia is active in the Maui community dedicating time to several non-profit organizations including the Maui Food Bank, Hope Chapel, and Basketball Maui, which brings basketball instruction and character development to at-risk youth. A beloved “auntie” to children throughout South Maui, she is trained as a family educator, counseling families on healthy communication and interaction. Lydia has been a member of several committees for the Realtors Association of Maui over the years and is currently a member of the Public Relations and Presidential Scholarship committees.

Lydia enjoys the Maui lifestyle and the Aloha spirit that has made Maui her home. She enjoys spending time in the ocean, Pilates and spending time with extended family and friends. Lydia also enjoys SCUBA diving, shopping and traveling throughout the world with her travels taking her from Australia, Tahiti and Guam to Switzerland, Italy, France and Luxemburg.

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"When we visited Maui we looked at some rental condos to purchase but did not find what we were looking for nor did we find an agent we were ready to work with. After we returned home to Seattle we knew we needed a qualified and experienced agent first. After reading many reviews we decided on this  team and found Lydia. The long story short is that only because of Lydia we moved forward on a property that we now own. She was absolutely the pro we were looking for and needed. She knows the Maui market and walked us through every step of the way. She informed us, gently redirected us when necessary and was on top of every little detail throughout the process. On her timely advice about the offer, the modified offer, the inspection and several other items she literally saved us thousands! Throughout the process we felt she was looking after our every need as if we were her most important client ever. Through this experience she became our friend too and here's the crazy part, this was all done while we were on the mainland and we have never even met! Thank you Lydia for your amazing work, for micro-managing us when necessary and for making the many money saving suggestions. Lydia and her team are treasures and if you need an agent in Maui I guarantee you will do no better than this team."


"Would highly recommend Lydia if you are looking to sell your property in Maui. Her knowledge of the area and the housing market locally is much defined. She was very diligent with the advertising and marketing of our property. She always did everything she could to make sure she was available to show the property. She has a vast network of people on the island she utilized to help get our property ready to sell which took the burden off of us since we are on the mainland and couldn't be there to facilitate in the process. Overall we were very happy with her performance and her negotiation skills she made sure we got the most for our property."


"I had talked with a number of realtors to choose one to work with. Lydia was the obvious choice -- detailed knowledge of the area and the options within in, a broad perspective on the market and cycles. She asked all the right questions about our needs, and listens! She is fun to work with, and her excitement about real estate is infectious. She really cares about finding the right home for you. And when you find it, she is a skilled negotiator and versed in the ways to arrive at a win-win solution for all. She closed the deal in a competitive environment, and we are very happy with our choice. She has become a friend, and helped us build community in our new home!"


"Lydia was the best Realtor!! She is a master at negotiations, having done it for the federal government!! We have been through both the buying and selling process with her and she truly is amazing. She is fair and honest! She knows Maui and what properties are the best investments. She points out good and bad which helps you make the most educated and best decisions. When I get the chance to come back to Maui, she will be my Realtor again!!"


"We have bought 3 Maui homes and 1 condo and sold two Maui homes, all with Lydia as our agent. She always presented the properties as she saw them professionally, pointing out the pros & cons, never pushing us to make hasty decisions that we may have regretted later. She has high ethical standards that dictate that she be fair to both us as her clients and to the folks on the other side of the deals. We always knew that she was working hard for us whether it be showing us properties or handling all the piles of paperwork to close the deal. She loves her work and it shows in her dedication to it and her clients!"


"I bought a condo from Lydia Pedro at Sugar Beach Resort in 2006.  I live in Michigan and was planning on using the condo as a vacation rental.  I bought the condo without ever leaving Michigan and that is because Lydia is amazing.  She is extremely thorough, very knowledgeable about the real estate  market on Maui and owning and operating vacation rentals.  She is an expert negotiator and extremely responsive!  I have referred numerous people to Lydia since that time and she gave each one of them top notch service as well.  I am planning on buying again on Maui and will definitely use Lydia again."



"Lydia is fabulous to work with! She has gone out of her way to be helpful. Very responsive, always gives 100 percent. Her patience is beyond measure and knowledge of area is enlightening!"


"Lydia has worked with my ex-boyfriend in the past sold 1 house and bought another. She has also worked with my father to purchase 2 oceanfront condos. Most recently Lydia worked with my 27year son on his 1st condo. She was extremely helpful with finding a lender who was flexible and willing to loan  to a first time buyer."


"My experience with Lydia was my best experience with a real estate agent, both as a buyer and as a seller. At each phase of the sale effort she was superior, such as innovative efforts in developing prospects, useful insights on listing renovations/staging, effective showings and proactive  facilitation during the sale negotiations/due diligence. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace. Thus, I highly recommend Lydia for your real estate needs."


Thus, I highly recommend Lydia for your real estate needs.

"Lydia is a wealth of knowledge about the area and is an all-around good person. She will work hard to determine the best fit for your needs and is tireless in her efforts to amaze you with results. Highly recommended if you are in need of a patient and honest real estate expert."

"I was incredibly happy with Lydia's help. She put me in immediate touch with a loan representative who was able to pre-qualify me that very day. Without that help, I would not have made my offer in time and would have lost my home. In addition, there were several offers on the property I  wanted and with Lydia's help and expertise I was able to prevail. My deadline in closing the property was tight. There were many items that needed to be corrected in the home before closing. Timing was difficult as the seller was on the mainland and I was in Virginia! Due to Lydia's relationships with local craftsmen, plumbers, and carpenters, things got finished on time.(She had to convince one worker to come to the property at 6am-which is not easy anywhere!) Lydia went above and beyond in too many ways to detail here. I am very grateful to her."

"Lydia is simply the best agent on Maui!! You cannot find a better ally to facilitate your entry onto Maui and to find the right place for you. She thoroughly understands both the market and the client's needs, and skillfully anticipates issues before issues arise in order to ensure smooth sailing.  Do not settle for less."

"Lydia Pedro is a professional broker who makes her clients her priority.She works with the clients in developing their objectives and diligently pursues meeting them. She's responsible, reliable and well respected in the real estate community. She is fantastic at facilitating a connection with  her clients needs, She is very knowledgeable about the real estate inventory in Maui. She is patient in helping guide the client back to their original objectives when they may lose sight of them by being overwhelmed with the possibilities of wanting to buy real estate in Maui. I highly recommend Lydia Pedro as the broker to help you buy your peace of happiness in Maui. Her integrity and advocacy for her clients makes her and excellent choice. By the way, my husband and I love the condo Lydia found for us!"


"Lydia helped my wife and I purchase a small condo in Maui as an investment. She made us aware of the area when we first met her in January while on vacation, and followed up on other leads (other condos in the same complex) with quick response time. She bothered to care for a fairly inexpensive condo deal (giving her probably less commission), while other realtors might not want to be bothered. After close of escrow, she has continued to ask us if we need any help. Very impressive. She helped us find a home inspector, a handyman, and gave us references for management companies also."

"As buyers from Canada, we knew we had found the perfect Realtor the moment we walked into Lydia’s office. She was patient with our questions and concerns and we never felt rushed. Her warmness is evident from the moment you meet her and we couldn't be happier or more pleased with our condo  purchase in Kihei. While we were home in Canada, Lydia kept us updated continually and our phone calls were always promptly returned. Negotiating long distance was effortless; the paperwork was completed by fax and Lydia arranged for the property inspection to take place upon our arrival. Once our deal was complete, Lydia went the extra mile and helped facilitate some general improvements to the property before our arrival in Maui. We will be sure to partner with her again in the future and have recommended her to those looking to purchase real estate in Maui."


“Lydia has common sense, good business sense, a solid understanding of buyers and sellers, and an in-depth knowledge of the market. She understands negotiating--she knows when to hold 'em, knows when to fold 'em, knows when to walk away, knows when to run. She helped me buy a condo and made the entire process go very smoothly. She negotiated the price and terms, and I feel confident that I got a good deal on my new condo. I would use Lydia's services again in a heartbeat!”